First App in Spain that brings together all city services: immediate information with tourist interest, which promotes the commercial sector and generate value to citizens.

Under a PPP (Public–Private Partnership) framework, city councils will show their information and date to serve their citizens, as well as shops and businesses will offer their products and services.

The city open-data will provide valuable information for citizens, improve their quality of life and generate wealth.

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It consists in developing a mobile application that integrates all the city services, making them more available to citizens.

Through structured databases, we get to make available to the City Council its services app, while suggesting to all the city shops and businesses to show its offer through a web platform that facilitates the self-management of their contents.

The corporate "brand" of each municipality, together with its services, encourages users to download the application and, at the same time, shops and businesses find in the app their target audience directly referenced by its position in the city.

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    • News
    • Events
    • Publications
    • Festivals
    • Municipal notifications
    • Air Quality

    City council

    • City Buses
    • Suggestions
    • Traffic
    • Tourism and City Guide
    • Sports reservations
    • Bike Sharing
    • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations


    • Shoppings
    • Gas Stations
    • Pharmacies
    • Parkings
    • Bars & Restaurants
    • Hotels


App Services

The best way to promote city shops and businesses

How it works?

The application allows merchants to promote their business through geo system, providing it to the users with the location of nearby businesses.

Users can access the list of assigned stores, search by keywords, contact them, assess them, get directions, in addition to knowingtheir schedule and daily deals.

Commercialfostering project

Several businesses has participated in the pilot project to foster local commerce through which they carried out different marketing actions through the app Logroñ

The sending of notifications, promotions, activities and events, which each business published in the app, led to increased visits to the application. Also, all businesses got direct sales related to the offers sent. The overall balance of the project was very positive.



Awards and Recognitions. Smart App City

  • Most innovative App and Greatest Potential Application, at the world biggest app competition at the FIWARE Smart Cities Challenge in Brazil (among 423 apps for Smart Cities).
  • Berlin’s EIT ICT Lab Challenge winners.
  • Winners of the Madrid Smart Lab Program for the challenge: "Improving information access and quality of life for citizens".
  • Best App of the year at La Rioja Internet Awards 2013.
  • Cities Summit London 2014: LLGA Awards: "Using technology to enhance commerce" nominee.
  • Selected by the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade as one of the 4 successful cases of PPP at the Smart City Expo World Congress (the only App selected) for their potential to Latin American markets. It was also selected for the Open Innovation Marketplace inside the same congress.
  • Selected for the Enterprise 2020 initiative in "Sustainable Living in Cities" (action line of the European CSR strategy launched by the European Commission).
  • Selected at the SmartMILE 2013 International Conference and Exhibition sponsored by the IEEE- IndustryApplicationsSociety.
  • FP7 Future Internet PPP partner inside the FI-WARE consortium.
  • Iberoeka trilateral collaboration (Mexico-Spain-France): inside the Culturemobile consortium.
  • Members of The European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC) inside the "Citizen Focus" cluster.
  • "Benidorm Smart Citiy" awards nominee, inside the XVII International Forum: Strategies for Smart Destinations.

The app is divided by modules; so a shortened version with fewer services could be implemented or even some of the modules could be implemented individually (suggestions, shopping, city transportation...).

App Distribution


SmartAppCity is implemented in cities through local partners who distribute the solution.

If you belong to the ICT world and you work with local governments, you can become our partner and commercialize SmartAppCity for new cities in your area of ​​influence. Please, contact us at

SmartAppCity can be considered public procurement of innovative technology with the possibility of Public Private Partnership agreement.


Succesful cases




Las Tablas


Smart Nau


On The Hudson

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